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The Best Way To Clean Wood Floors

Over the years I have had a chance to try just about every brand of wood floor care product on the market. But nothing holds a candle to Squeaky Cleaner. It works well on both hardwood and laminate floors. The trick is to also have the right flat mop pad to pick up and trap the soil .
We use the Vileda flat mop pads along with Squeaky Cleaner (which can be bought at Town and Country Floors in Abbotsford only).
The easiest way to use this system is to vacuum first. Then lightly spray a 5' square area of the floor and then mop. Work your way backwards out of the room to avoid leaving footprints. You will need at least one fresh pad per 10 square feet of floor. You can either rinse out the pad, or have several extra pads ready for the job of an entire house. In our cleaning business, we have about 8 pads for an entire house ready to go.

If you have a lot of soiling on the floor due to pets or if you are behind in your cleaning, then for a 10' by 10' room you will have to rinse out the pad at least 6 times, or have 6 or more pads ready to go.

Alternately, the Vileda strip mop and a bucket can be used. Just be careful not to get too much water on the floor. Just spritz the floor with the Squeaky Cleaner and go at it with the strip mop. Rinse and wring out till almost dry. repeat till you get the job done.
Then stand back and admire your work. (also check for spots that you may have missed, the way we do!)
Squeaky Cleaner never streaks! And it is environmentally safe.

At Rise and Shine Cleaning we realize that we are only as good as our cleaning products allow us to be. That's why we only use the best products to get the job done. Rise and Shine Cleaning at your service!